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Lighthearted Valentine's Day Ideas for a Light Budget

February 3, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Valentine's Day has changed a lot over the years. It used to be a modest holiday where cards and other goodies were exchanged at school and parents would hire a babysitter and have a date night to celebrate. Now, stores are completely stocked with aisles full of oversized boxes of pricey candy, stuffed animals, flowers, gift bags, cards and an endless array of other heart-shaped goodies on display.

Keeping Valentine's Day of a Budget

It seems like there's barely enough time to recover from Christmas because on December 26th, Valentine's Day immediately takes over for a brand-new kind of shopping season. Here are a few lighthearted Valentine's Day ideas for a light budget:

Enjoy a Night In

On a night like Valentine's Day, you may be tempted to take your partner out for a special night on the town, but that can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. Why not stay in and make a romantic dinner together? Straighten your home up, light some candles, put on some music, pick up a few ingredients for dinner and make a unique memory that no restaurant could ever cook up.

Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

What's Valentine's Day without something chocolatey sweet? Simply pick up some giant sweet strawberries and chocolate chips at the grocery store. Wash the strawberries and melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or stove top. Then, dip the strawberries in the chocolate and place them neatly on a plate. Let them chill in the fridge for an hour and presto! This is an easy and affordable way to make some tasty treats for you and your Valentine to enjoy, and it sure beats spending the big bucks at Godiva.

Be Thoughtful

Do something nice for your Valentine. Make your partner breakfast in bed, clean up the house, do the laundry, clean the dishes and make the bed. You don't have to spend cash to show you care. A few acts of thoughtful service will go a long way.

Make a Card

Cards are expensive nowadays, so making a card can save you money while showing your Valentine you care. Anyone can pick up a card from the store but taking the time to make one just for your significant other will show them how much they mean to you. Get crafty, have fun and make something nice. Maybe even include a little note that tells them all the reasons you love them.

Easy and Affordable Gift Ideas

Here's a fun, thoughtful and super affordable gift idea. Simply choose some of the best couple shots from your social media pages and print them. Then break out the scissors and glue and piece together a collage of happy memories on some poster board. Frame it, wrap it and you're done. It's cheap, yet priceless. Your Valentine will be sure to love it!

Go to the Beach

If you're near the water, take your Valentine out for a day at the beach. If not, you could always go to a local park or walking trail. Spending a little time together outdoors is always a nice way to spend the day and it doesn't cost a thing. To make it more romantic, time your activity to include a sunset view at the end.

As you might have guessed by now, making Valentine's Day special isn't all about the money you spend. It's about showing your special someone you care. Get creative and come up with your own low-budget ideas. Nobody knows your Valentine better than you and only you can make them feel truly loved this Valentine's Day.

How Will You Celebrate This Valentine's Day?

Still worried about not having enough money to participate in this season of love? Well, fear not! There are plenty of low-budget ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without having to rely on payday loans near you. As long as it's something both you and your Valentine will enjoy, you're sure to have a Valentine's Day to remember!