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Affordable Ways To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

With the new year already here, you are probably wanting to find ways to do things like stay fit and learn about budgeting for beginners. But you might think that the only way to get fit is to join a gym – which can ruin your budgeting efforts because those memberships can be expensive. However, there are affordable options that can allow you to get fit and keep your budget. Keep reading to learn about these affordable options to stay fit while you are learning how to follow a monthly budgeting plan.

What Are Affordable Ways To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership?

First and foremost, you must broaden your understanding of what it means to keep fit. While it’s true that strength and cardio exercises are crucial to staying lean and healthy, they are not the only pieces to the puzzle. In fact, there are plenty of other factors that play into your getting and staying fit. So if you are ready to learn how to truly get healthy, Here are some affordable options to stay fit without a gym membership:

affordable ways to stay fit without a gym

1. Get Proper Nutrition

Ask any fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder, and they’ll tell you that fitness is mainly made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Proper nutrition is said to make up to 80% of your success in the realm of fitness. Meanwhile, only 20% comes directly from exercise. So, start your affordable fitness journey by eating balanced and nutritious meals while avoiding the junk food aisle! If you need any ideas for healthy and delicious meals, all you have to do is go online and do a quick search.

2. Take Up A Sport

Taking up a sport you enjoy is another great way to stay fit without spending much money. The thing about getting fit is you have to keep moving and get your heart rate up. Taking on a sport will give you a good cardio workout, helping you to build stamina. For another thing, most sports can be physically demanding on your body. On top of that, you are more likely to stay consistent with it because it’s a sport you enjoy. Plus, if you have kids, they can also get involved and play the sport with you.

3. Do Household Chores

Don’t underestimate how much of a workout household chores can be! Mopping floors, vacuuming, and wiping things down will add to your overall exertion and help you stay fit. As we said above, getting fit is all about movement. So as long as you stay moving and are pushing your limits, it really doesn’t matter what chore you are doing. And if you throw in some music, you can make doing chores a fun activity.

4. Use Bodyweight Exercises

While sports and chores can help you get a cardiovascular workout, you can build strength using bodyweight exercises. Things like pushups, chin-ups, and squats are common workouts because they work! Do them throughout the day, and you’ll see yourself getting stronger quickly. Even if you work at a computer in your home, you can still stand up every once in a while and start doing some simple squats while you work.

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Why Isn’t A Gym Membership The Best Option?

As you can tell from the list above, you can stay fit without stepping inside a gym. While going to the gym and getting a membership has become a normalized part of our lives, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of getting healthy and fit. Also, getting a gym membership isn’t the best solution for everyone who wants to stay fit. And the following are just some examples of why getting a gym membership isn’t an ideal solution for everyone who wants to get fit. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cost: Gym memberships aren’t as affordable as they used to be. Just like many other things in the world right now, the average cost of a gym membership has gone up.
  • Contracts: Gym memberships often come with contracts that force you to stay with them for extended periods, like a year.
  • Crowds: Gyms are also incredibly crowded during peak hours. Large crowds mean you could be stuck waiting to use equipment or even take a shower.
  • Anxiety: Many people prefer not to go to the gym because of the social anxiety that comes with it. Some people find it hard to focus when others work out around them.

What Happens If An Emergency Stops Your Fitness Journey?

While using these affordable options will allow you to stay fit and keep your budget together, what if an emergency happens? Let’s say you are suddenly in the hospital with an injury, or your home is damaged because of a storm. Either of these emergencies can halt your fitness journey right in its tracks. When that happens, look for Cash Cow to help you get either a title loan or a payday loan.

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  • Payday loan: This loan can get you $100 to $300 without collateral. It can also help bridge the gap between pay periods. However, you’ll need a driver’s license, your latest pay stub, and a blank check from your account.

Take The First Step Now!

Gym memberships aren’t the only way to get and stay fit – especially if you are also trying to learn about budgeting for beginners. You can choose from any of the affordable options we talked about above to help you out. And remember, if you run into an emergency that is threatening your fitness journey, contact us at Cash Cow. Call us or submit your information through the online form on our website right now to get started!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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