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Avoid These Top 5 Budget Breakers

When someone mentions budget breakers, we instantly think about vacations on the beach, expensive watches, or a new smartphone. And while splurging on these will definitely put a dent in your wallet, it is actually the little, everyday expenses that stack up and break your budget. In fact, a 2019 survey found that around 75% of Americans plan out a budget each month with only 10% saying that sticking to it was easy. Monthly budgeting not only helps you balance your expenses with income, but it can also highlight the expenses that you can cut back.

And you can put your dad’s old pocketbook back because in the modern and tech-savvy world, creating a budget is as easy as going online and downloading one of the many personal budgeting apps available. Once you have your budget set, here is the list of the top 5 budget breakers you need to avoid as well as how you can find financial relief in the shape of two different loans in Louisiana.

1. Online Shopping

Have you ever searched a product online out of curiosity, only to see thousands of ads for the same product all over your social media? These ads are betting on your impulses for that one click that will ultimately lead you to the “Checkout section”.

Impulsive online shopping can ultimately wreak havoc on your budget. You can avoid the urge by delaying; just wait 30 minutes and then analyze whether you still need the product. You can also delink and remove your credit card information from your device; again this will give you more time to think.

2. Grocery Shopping

Now, this is an essential right, but it also takes a large chunk of your budget. One way that you can save on grocery shopping is by buying in bulk and at good prices. Wait for sales if you have to, and if you get a great deal on something then you can stock it up. You can also look for cheaper alternatives.

3. Subscription Services

Ask yourself this “Do I really need to be paying a subscription fee every month for DIRECTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and all the other streaming services out there?” All these services can really add up and eat at your budget and they might not be as affordable as you might think. Even though you might hate it, it could be time to cut down on some of these subscriptions.

4. Buying Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast might be the meal of champions but that doesn’t mean that you must have it from a high-end coffee shop on your way to work every day. Instead, try to wake up early and make breakfast and coffee at home. And while you are at it, pack a lunch for yourself as well. Believe us, making breakfast and lunch at home is a real cost saver.

5. Food Deliveries

While we are on the subject of food you might want to take a look at the number of food deliveries that you make every month. We’re all guilty of this especially since there are so many apps out there making deliveries faster and convenient. This habit can actually be quite detrimental to your financial health so try to keep this to a minimum.

Getting Title Loans or Online Payday Loans

The list above shows good ways of avoiding breaking your budget. But what if you need to spend money on something you really need? Or maybe you need urgent cash for an emergency and your budget can’t handle it? If you have a car, title loans are an option that can get you fast, same-day cash. If you don't have a car, then fast payday loans can help you.

Use Cash Cow Of Louisiana

Benefits of Online Payday Loans and Title Loans Near Me

Quick and Easy

The main advantage of both title loans and payday loans is that they are easy to acquire and ensure same-day payment. With Cash Cow Of Louisiana, the whole application process is hassle-free and can take just 30 minutes to complete.

No Credit Checks

Another advantage of payday and title loans is that you do not require a strong credit history. While traditional lenders go through extensive credit checks, both title loans and payday loans omit this step, allowing you access to money regardless of your score.

You Keep and Use Your Car Normally

If you get a title loan you will be free to use your car as you normally would.


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The bottom line is that budgets are difficult to make and even more difficult to stick to but, with a little determination and practice, you can incorporate your practices into this process and move closer to financial freedom. If you’re working towards this having a budget that supports you and your financial goals, you don’t have the time or money to deal with emergencies. In the event they happen, let us help you secure your money by using your title for cash.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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