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The Very Best Family Vacations on A Budget In Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the best places to take your family on vacation. This state has some of the best budget friendly travel opportunities that everyone in the family will love. There’s New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Ruston, St. Francisville, Grand Isle, Avery Isle, and more.

This is the list of the best family vacations on a budget in Louisiana. 

Budget Vacation Destinations in Louisiana

New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the best places that you can take your family in Louisiana while you are traveling on a budget. Even though New Orleans (also called NOLA) is known for being a party town, there is something to do for everyone there.

There is the Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Zoo, and even the Carousel Gardens. New Orleans also has some of America’s best family friendly hotels. From the bayous to the swamp tours to the museums to the historic neighborhoods, New Orleans has something for everyone.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is another town with a lot of history, and one of the best family vacations on a budget. This is one of the most educational places that you can take your family, because there are so many museums and historic sites.

Some of the best things to do in Baton Rouge include visiting the USS Kidd, the Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge Zoo, as well as Blue Bayou, Dixie Landin’, and LSU Rural Life Museum.


If you are looking to get off the beaten path, Alexandria is a great place to take your family on vacation in Louisiana. This is a small town vacation spot that has lots of things to see and do for your whole family.

Some of the best things to do here in Alexandria include the Louisiana History Museum, Arna Bontemps African American Museum, and the Alexandria Zoo.

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Ruston is one of the most budget friendly places in Louisiana to take your family on vacation.

Some of the best things to do here include Railroad Park and Soaring Spirit Ziplines. There are also a lot of other fun vacation spots that are close by. While you are here, make sure you check out the Louisiana Peach Festival that is held every summer.

St. Francisville

St. Francisville is another unique and budget friendly place that you should think about taking your family to when you come to Louisiana. This is one of the most photogenic spots in the entire state, and it is famous for its beautiful cemeteries.

There are also lots of gorgeous outdoor adventure opportunities here. If you are looking to get out in nature with the family, you should go check out the Mary Ann Brown Nature Preserve.

Grand Isle

Grand Isle is a good place to go if you are looking to work a day at the beach into one of the best family vacations on a budget. This is a paradise with miles and miles and miles of pristine beaches. There are nature trails, fishing spots, and places to go bird watching.

If you are ready to take a break from playing in the Gulf of Mexico, you can take a trip over to the Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge and go fishing.

Avery Island

Avery Island is famous for the Tabasco Museum and factory, but that is not all that this island has to offer.

There is also a lot of opportunity to see wildlife and explore nature on Avery Island. You can check out Jungle Gardens, a wildlife refuge with hundreds of square miles of nature where you can check out some of the most interesting wildlife in the state.

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Final Thoughts

The Bayou State is one of the best places that you can take your family to on vacation. There is a lot to do though, so you need to plan your next trip to Louisiana carefully. Start planning today with our list of the best family vacations on a budget in Louisiana. And if you find yourself in an emergency financial bind, Cash Cow can help. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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