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The 10 Best and Most Fun Things to Do in New Orleans

There are lots of fun things to do in New Orleans. There are historic neighborhoods, museums, parks, zoos, and endless options for live entertainment.

10 Fun Things to Do in New Orleans, LA You Can’t Miss

If you are heading to New Orleans for vacation, these are the 10 best things to do and fun neighborhoods to explore.

1. Royal Street

Royal Street is a unique shopping area in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. This is a working-class neighborhood known for its resilience. This is not one of the more touristy neighborhoods in New Orleans, but this is a great place to go if you want to get away from the tourist traps and learn what New Orleans is really like.

2. St. Louis Cathedral

Next on the list of fun things to do in New Orleans is visiting the St. Louis Cathedral. This is America’s oldest continuously active cathedral, making it one of the most famous landmarks in the French Quarter district.

3. St. Louis Cemetery Number One

If you like checking out historic cemeteries, you should take a visit to St. Louis Cemetery Number One. This old cemetery was used as a graveyard for the wealthy residents who lived in the mansions of the Garden District.

4. Audubon Zoo

The Audubon Zoo is in the Uptown District of New Orleans. This is a place where you can enjoy beautiful gardens, hands-on tours and educational programs, and get a chance to see exotic wildlife from around the world.

This is usually considered one of the most popular and entertaining zoos in the country. It is a great place to learn about the relationship between humans and nature.

5. French Quarter

The French Quarter is one of the most popular neighborhoods in New Orleans. It is known for its distinct architecture, rich cultural heritage, and energetic nightlife. This is a place where you can enjoy some of the finest food and art in the world. There are restaurants, museums, street performers, jazz clubs, and more.

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6. Jackson Square

One of the most popular spots in the French Quarter is Jackson Square. This is a spot where you can enjoy street performers, musicians, jugglers, and visual artists. It is just down the road from St. Louis Cathedral.

Some of the spots to check out on the square include the Hurricane Katrina Museum, the shops and restaurants, and the tarot card readers.

7. New Orleans City Park

Next on the list of things to do in New Orleans is taking a visit to the New Orleans City Park. This is one of the largest city parks in the United States. You can spend a couple of hours here playing golf, tennis, riding on horses, or simply relaxing and taking in the scenery.

8. Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street is in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. If you want to get off Bourbon Street, this is a fantastic place to go. You can find a nice pub, order some drinks, and enjoy a spectacular live band with great food.

If you want to experience what New Orleans is really like, Frenchmen Street is the place to be. This is one of the jazz capitals of the world, and there is always music right around the corner.

9. Garden District

The Garden District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans, and you can check out lots of extravagant mansions here. Just take a streetcar ride through the neighborhood and you’ll see beautiful Antebellum-era architecture that inspired authors like Anne Rice in real life.

10. National World War II Museum

If you are looking for fun things to do in New Orleans and want to learn a little more about history, you should check out the National World War II Museum.

There are exhibits, multimedia experiences, and countless artifacts. This place will help you learn about the technical and personal details of one of the most devastating conflicts in human history.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for fun things to do in New Orleans, your options are endless. This is one of the most exciting towns in America.

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