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3 Questions To Ask Before Getting A Title Loan In Louisiana

When you have poor finances and need some help, a title loan is a great option to consider. Your finances can easily get tied up and affected by any event – a medical emergency, big home repairs, or a car repair is just some of the things that can affect your money. When your money is tight, you have two choices; either you eliminate some of your necessary expenses or you look for a reliable solution. Obviously, the second choice is the preferred choice. Title loans are what we call fast loans because they get you your cash quickly – making them a good, viable option to consider when you need quick emergency cash.

As good of an option title loans are, there are still questions you need to ask before you sign any agreements. These are the top three important questions you have to ask before you get a title loan from Louisiana.

What Is A Title Loan And What Does It Entail?

What Is A Title Loan?

A title loan is a loan you receive when you use your car’s title. This loan is designed to be more of a short term solution; you may not be able to use it for a permanent financial solution but you can take strides to fix your finances with them. We call these fast loans because they are so fast to get them. In just thirty minutes from the time you walk in, you could be walking out with the money you need.

What Do I Need To Bring?

When you come to one of our Cash Cow locations, there are certain things you need to make sure you bring with you. Aside from being over 18, the necessary documents are:

  • A government-issued ID. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a driver’s license; it just has to be government-issued with a photo of you on it.
  • A lien-free car title. A lien-free car title means your auto title is free of any prior, unpaid loans or judgments. If you do have unpaid loans on your title, be sure to have those taken care of before you come into one of our stores.
  • The vehicle whose title you intend on using. While you are in the store finishing your application, a title loan representative will conduct a vehicle inspection. This inspection will be one of the ways we figure out how much money you are qualified for.

What Does My Title Loan Entail?

One highlight you need to know about this loan is the fact that it is not completely affected by your credit score. So whether you have good credit or bad credit, we can still work with you so you still have the potential of getting your fast loan. And getting a loan does not mean you have to give up driving your car. Here at Cash Cow of Louisiana, you can keep your vehicle while you are repaying your loan. With a car title loan, you could get $1,400 to help you get to financial stability.


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What Benefits Do I Get From My Fast Loan?

You Can Pay For Emergencies And Insurance

When an emergency hits, the financial burden can be big. Regardless of what kind of an emergency it is – medical, car repair, or home repair – it can make your finances really tight. When your finances are giving you stress due to an emergency, this is where title loans come in. The money you get from your title loan can really help you free up some money so you can handle other expenses or help you pay for insurance. Having insurance will help you immensely when it comes to unexpected emergencies thrown your way.

You Can Maintain Your Expenses

We all have expenses we have to maintain. Whether it is for food, mortgage or rent, home repairs, car repairs, or gas, these are expenses we cannot abandon. We also have a ton of expenses that, while not considered necessary, are still important to us. Expenses for shopping or traveling can be for leisure or for to improve your chances of getting your dream job. These expenses are important and can throw you into serious trouble if not kept up with. When our finances are tied up and spread thin, a title loan can help you maintain your expenses and not allow you to fall deeper into financial trouble.


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What Does The Process Include?

The process to get at a local local title loans provider is simple and quick. You start off by filling out the online form. Once the form is complete, you will receive a call from a loan representative to give them some more information and tell you what documents you need to bring. When you are finished with your phone call, you can head down to one of our many locations in Louisiana to finish the application. Your loan agreement details everything you need to know about your fast loan; so make sure you read it fully and understand it all. When you do arrive, be sure to bring your lien-free car title, your ID, and your vehicle for a quick inspection. In less than thirty minutes, you could have the money you need.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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