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Emergency Same Day Loans For Louisiana Flooding Victims

If you're suffering from the effects of Louisiana flooding, know you are not alone. We understand that finding emergency same day loans to repair the damage caused by natural disasters can be difficult. But we're hoping to make it a bit easier by providing a few easy-to-access funding options below.

Types Of Emergency Same Day Loans For Victims Of Louisiana Flooding

1. NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program)

In a perfect world, you have flood insurance. Now, we understand that not everybody does have this. But even so, it's important to mention here.

Following Louisiana flooding, you should file a flood insurance claim with your insurance provider. You can file individual claims pretty easily under the right cover. However, if you're having trouble making the claim, the FEMA Call Center is open for assistance.

To contact the Call Center, call 1-800-621-3362 between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday. When prompted, select Option 2 to ensure your call lands in the right hands. The FEMA Call Center can provide:

  • Help with understanding your flood insurance policy
  • Technical guidance to help recovery
  • Answers to general and complication questions on your claim


FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency is perfect when you're seeking emergency same days loans as a victim of Louisiana flooding. Well, this is more "disaster assistance" rather than "loan," but it's still a great funding source.

When making a claim, ensure you use the correct claim number so FEMA can accurately distribute funds. For flooding in Louisiana, the claim number is 4277. But we encourage you to check back regularly in case it changes.

Once you complete FEMA's registration process, they hand you a registration number. It's a 9-figure number that starts with either 45 or 50.

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You can register for individual disaster assistance in these ways:

  • At www.DisasterAssistance.gov
  • Phone — 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
  • If you have hearing loss or a speech disability and use TTY — 1-800-462-7585
  • If you use 711 or VRS — 1-800-621-3362

All the telephone numbers are free of charge, and they're open between 6 am and 10 pm every day.

3. Payday Advance

Payday advances (also known as payday loans in Louisiana) are emergency same day loans that give you money in as little as half an hour. With ours, you can borrow anywhere from $100 and $300 without perfect credit to fix minor home or auto damages.

Here's How To Get A Payday Advance

  1. Contact your local Cash Cow storefront by phone or use the online form to send your information directly to your closest location.
  2. After you've filled in the form, a representative from the store will give you a call. Their job is to tell you about the process, discuss the documents you need to submit, and answer your questions.
  3. If you're happy with everything, go to your nearest Cash Cow location with your state-issued photo ID (typically your driver's license), your most recent pay stub, and a blank check from your active checking account.
  4. One of our representatives will examine all the documents to see whether you qualify.
  5. If you are eligible for our payday advance, the representative will guide you through some simple paperwork, requesting your signature when needed.
  6. After that, you receive the money you need in as little as half an hour.

4. Car Title Loan

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If you own a car, van, or truck, then this one of our emergency same day loans might be for you, and it’s called cash title loans. It allows you to borrow between $300 and $1,400 to repair flood damage. They're a secured type of loan, meaning you must provide a title to your vehicle as collateral. However, you can still keep your car and drive it as usual while repaying the loan.

Here's How To Get A Car Title Loan

  1. Either contact your nearest Cash Cow location via phone or use our simple online request form. It sends your information straight to the storefront of your choice.
  2. Once you've submitted the form, one of our representatives will give you a call. They will tell you about the process, answer your questions, and explain the documents you need.
  3. After the phone call, head to your local Cash Cow location. For a car title loan, you need a driver's license, a lien-free title to your vehicle, and your vehicle.
  4. Our friendly loan expert will inspect your vehicle and paperwork to decide whether you qualify. The amount you qualify for depends mainly on the value of your vehicle.
  5. If you are eligible, the representative helps you through the last bits and pieces.
  6. You receive your money on the same day and leave with your vehicle.

Get Started With Emergency Same Day Loans Today

Becoming a victim of Louisiana flooding is traumatic. But finding emergency same day loans doesn't have to be. Whether you qualify for FEMA or NFIP or not, you can always turn to your nearest Cash Cow. You can get the process started today simply by filling out a short inquiry on our website.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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