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Frugal Money Saving Tips For Expecting Parents

If there's one thing expecting parents are told, it's that having children is expensive. And while there's no denying that, there are a few ways you can be more frugal, especially with the right money-saving tips to help you out.

From shopping second-hand to using coupons, there are plenty of things you can do to make having a child less expensive – thus making things less stressful for you and your partner. Keep reading to learn about seven money-saving tips you need to use today.

Seven Money-Saving Tips All Expecting Parents Need To Use

1. Shop Around Before Deciding On A Doctor

The first thing you should do is look at your options for your OBGYN. You don't have to choose the first OBGYN and hospital you step into. In fact, many experts advise you don't — or look around before making a set-in-stone decision.

Even with insurance, the amount you will pay to deliver your baby varies. You're well within your rights to interview a few doctors prior to settling on one that best fits you and your budget. Remember that the more expensive doctors aren't always the best!

2. Shop Second-Hand

Babies grow incredibly fast — which means a lot of clothes (and other things) you purchase for them now will no longer fit them in just a few months. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and save money by purchasing clothes, furniture, supplies, and toys second-hand.

For best results, check Facebook Marketplace, your local thrift stores, and garage sales. They tend to have the best deals for you and the widest range. You do need to practice patience, though.

You'll look through tons of too-worn items before stumbling upon like-new objects. You should also ask your friends and family that have kids if they have any items they’d be willing to give to you. Chances are high that they have a ton of stuff just taking up storage that you’d be able to use for your new baby. If you are good at crafts, you could take clothes you no longer wear and repurpose them into baby clothes.

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3. Buy Diapers In Bulk

Naturally, buying off-brand diapers is much cheaper than purchasing branded ones. However, you'll likely struggle with cheaper diapers, as they tend to leak more and are not worth the few dollars you save. We recommend buying name-brand diapers in bulk. Costco or Sam's Club (i.e., any big box warehouse store) is your best bet for buying diapers in bulk—and in many different sizes as your baby gets bigger!

However, if you don't have a membership, you can always buy bulk on Amazon or use their Subscribe and Save option. The latter saves you an extra 5%, which is perfect considering you'll buy them for years. Either way, this is an item you already know you’ll need a lot of at any time. Not only is it a smart idea for your finances to buy diapers in bulk, it will also come in handy to have extra diapers within reach in your home.

4. Skip The Toys

You don't need to purchase expensive toys from the store when you’ve just had a baby. Yes, they may look exciting and be incredibly tempting – especially when it comes to teething and your baby needing a way to soothe their gums – but babies are easily entertained with household items you already have.

Of course, you should buy a few teething toys and rattles, but there's no need to go crazy. Some items you can substitute for expensive teething toys are as follows:

  • Measuring spoons or cups
  • Laundry basket
  • Silicone ice cube trays
  • Mirrors
  • Baby wipes containers

5. Make Your Own Baby Food

Making your own baby food is significantly cheaper than purchasing store-bought jars, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just boil some fruit or vegetables, mash them, and store them in the jars. It's super easy and can save you a considerable amount on your weekly shop. You can also make sure you are feeding your baby only healthy ingredients by making your own baby food.

6. Use Coupons When Buying Necessities

When you go out to buy your baby’s essentials, try to use coupons for formula, diapers, and other necessities to stay on track with your budget as a new parent. Clipping or downloading coupons may seem cumbersome, but it pays off when it comes time to shop. There are apps like RetailMeNot that can help you find the coupons and codes you need to get products at a discount price.

7. Get A Title Loan For Unexpected Expenses

Regardless of how much you plan and use frugal, money-saving tips, there will always be costs you don't anticipate. The good thing is you have options to help you get quick money, especially when you don't have a very flush emergency fund. Getting a car title loan with us at Cash Cow is one such option. If you own your car outright with a lien-free title, you can quickly see if you can borrow between $300 and $1,400 to cover unforeseen expenses. Check out our website to learn more!

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Make Parenting Less Expensive With These Money-Saving Tips

When it comes to becoming expecting parents, you don’t have to let the costs stress you out. With these frugal money-saving tips, you can get the help you need to navigate becoming parents for the first time, freeing up some cash – even with a new baby.

When you face unexpected expenses, know you have plenty of options, including heading to us at Cash Cow for a car title loan. If you're ready to start the process, simply get in touch with us by submitting our quick online form right now!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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