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Why Louisiana Title Loans and Traditional Loans are Different

If you are in Louisiana searching for a way to get quick cash in a pinch, then you may be considering a traditional loan. However, traditional loans can be difficult to get approval for. It could also take you days or weeks to provide all the necessary documents, for the bank to investigate your credit score and assets, and approve your loan. Rather than dealing with long wait time and credit checks that can lower your credit score, you could instead apply for title loans in Louisiana. At Cash Cow of Louisiana, you could get approval for a max title loan amount of $1,400 or a payday loan for $100 to 300$ today to get quick emergency funds. A title loan can differ in numerous ways compared to traditional loans.  In many cases, you can get your funds quicker and with less of a hassle by using your vehicle title to get cash.  Some of the main benefits of applying for Louisiana title loans online include:

  • Up to $1,400 cash, same-day
  • Fast approval that doesn’t affect credit score
  • Get Approval, even with bad credit or employment

Up to $1,400 Cash Same-day

 A significant problem with traditional loans is the wait time. Because of how long it may take to verify things like credit history work history and identity before a bank can authorize funds, you may be waiting days only to be denied approval!  Faster approval times means you can get your funds quicker. You could potentially get your funds the same day as your title loan approval. Most applicants who receive approval before noon will see their funds in their bank account the same day. If you receive approval afternoon you will most likely have your funds within one banking day. In the end, you barely need to wait to get your funds when you get approval for title loans online.

You can begin your application process by filling out an online title loan inquiry form today. If during normal hours, you can expect a call from a Cash Cow of Louisiana representative soon after. You then only have to bring the necessary documents and your vehicle to your nearest Cash Cow location. You then only need to wait a minimum of half an hour to have your information verified, your car inspected, and receive approval. With that over with, you can get a max title loan of $1,400 in your wallet soon after.

Fast Approval That Doesn’t Affect Credit Score

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Title loan providers typically do not report to the major credit agencies meaning that they do not rely completely on credit scores when evaluating approval. More traditional loans will perform what is known as a hard credit check. Unlike soft checks that do not lower your credit score, hard checks can cause you to lose points that do not return for months. Rather than risking your credit score only to potentially not get approval due to old debts or credit cards, you could instead use your vehicle as collateral to get approval for over $1,000 in cash today.

Get Approval, Even with Bad Credit or Unemployment

Tough financial situations can mean a loss of your job and the taken on of unemployment benefits. If you still need funds and own your car, you can still apply for an online title loan. You can use your unemployment funds to repay your title loan later and get emergency funds sooner. You can get approval, even with a bad credit score. While you still need some credit history, if you are dealing with a low score due to debt or identity theft, you could still get approved for up to $1,400 in speedy cash today. There are lots of expenses that can be put on hold but there are some that are unavoidable. If you need quick cash for things like rent, home or vehicle repairs, or medical costs then you can apply for an online title loan as Cash Cow of Louisiana!

Don’t Hesitate to Get up to $1,400 in Cash Today!

Find yourself looking for title loans online in Louisiana? Well, search no more. At Cash Cow of Louisiana, you can apply online today and get your funds quickly. Depending on the resell value and condition of your vehicle, you could get up to $1,400 to cover emergency financial situations today. Unemployed and in need of fast cash? Don’t hesitate to go online and apply today to get the cash you need.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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