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8 Money Saving Ideas That Even Non-Savers Can Easily Do!

Financial advice is everywhere. But where are the money saving ideas for those who aren't inherently good at saving? How about a good piece of advice on how to apply self-care on a budget? The answer is right here! Our eight tips and tricks will help you learn saving money like a pro in no time.

Here Are 8 Great Money Saving Ideas for Non-Savers

1. Use Price Comparison Websites

Money saving ideas aren't all about putting money in a pot every week. Sometimes, it's as easy as using a price comparison website. The platforms allow you to compare hundreds of products and ensure you get the best one for the best price.

Whether you need to purchase car insurance, groceries, or a birthday present, price comparison websites make sure you never overspend. Oftentimes, these sites will provide reviews from previous buyers. These will tell you when you truly do "get what you pay for."

2. Use A Budgeting App to Save First, Spend Later

When we say there are loads of budgeting apps to choose from, we mean it. Don't settle for the long-gone pencil and paper tracking options. Instead, save more money by using an app that does the tricky calculations for you.

Using them is simple:

  1. Download the app onto your smartphone.
  2. Create a free account (some are paid, but the free ones are usually just as good).
  3. Connect all your bank accounts.
  4. Go about your life!

Most apps will allow you to set automatic savings. So, on payday, it will move a predetermined figure into your savings account. Just set it and forget it!

3. Buy In Bulk

money saving ideas: bulk buying

Another fantastic one of our money saving ideas is to buy in bulk. The price per item decreases significantly, and there are lots of places to purchase groceries in bulk, including:

  • Bulk Food Box
  • Boxed
  • Dollar Days

Some companies insist you need a membership. But there are options where only a free sign-up is required.

4. Wash Clothes Economically

Washing clothes at a lower temperature saves the planet. But, amazingly, it also saves your wallet. The next time you put a load on, wash it at 20 degrees instead of 40. You'll save up to 62% running costs for shaving 20 degrees off the temperature!

Of course, certain clothes call for specific temperatures. And we're in no way suggesting you should ruin your garments to save on running costs, as you'll only end up spending more on new attire. However, everyday clothes are usually fine. Although, we do recommend checking the label before switching on the washer.

5. Ask For A Discount

If you don't ask, you don't get. This one of our money saving ideas alone can save you thousands over time. There are two ways to go about asking for a discount:

  • Be Reactive — In this scenario, you request a deal after a company goes back on their word or a product didn't meet the specified qualities.
  • Be Proactive — Here, you'll contact companies you make regular payments to (cell phone carriers, TV, etc.), thank them for an excellent service, then ask for a discount. It takes 5 minutes and can save you hundreds a year.

6. Make The Most Out Of Free Entertainment

Sometimes having fun costs money. But it doesn't have to. Try these free entertainment options:

money saving ideas: online yoga

  • YouTube yoga and workout classes
  • Free streaming service trials
  • Board games
  • Daily NY times crosswords
  • Start a garden from a seed share program

7. Do Things Yourself

If you pay for a cleaner, stop and clean your house yourself. If you pay for a gardener, dedicate some time to do it yourself. DIY is one of our favorite money saving ideas, as it can save you thousands over time (if you do it well!).

8. Use Effective Avenues For Emergencies

The final one of our money saving ideas is to look for emergency money in the right places. If you need cash quickly, it can be tempting to get into credit card debt. But hold on. Try online payday loans Louisiana instead.

What Is A Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a short-term type of loan that allows you to borrow a small amount of cash (up to $300) till your next paycheck comes through. The qualifying requirements for payday loans are easy to meet which makes them one of the most accessible type of borrowing money for those with bad credit or low income.

applying for online payday loan

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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