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Using An Online Title Loan To Help Pay For Expensive Medical Bills

Expensive medical bills are devastating if you can’t pay them quickly, but an online title loan from Cash Cow could help you pay for them fast. This type of loan is convenient and could give you the emergency funds you need in as little time as possible by using your vehicle’s lien-free title to get you a lump sum of money.

But what exactly are the reasons an online title loan can help you with your medical bills? Well, there are actually a lot of advantages of an online title loan that can help you when it comes to handling your medical bills. Keep reading to learn about those advantages that come when you get a Cash Cow title loan right now.

How Can An Online Title Loan Help Cover Medical Bills?

online title loan to help pay for expensive medical bills

1. Helpful Amount

Firstly, you could qualify to borrow between $300 and $1,400 if we determine that you are qualified to get an online title loan. Depending on the total amount you can get, that money could help you cover part or all of your medical bills quickly. We ultimately base how much you can get off of your vehicle’s condition and resale value. This is why we need to inspect your vehicle before we can make any kind of decision.

2. Fast Processing

The process for getting an online title loan is straightforward when you come to Cash Cow. Plus, you won’t have to wait forever to find out whether or not you’re approved. We make sure to let you know if you qualify within a few minutes. Even better, our entire process – from the time you meet with us and we make a decision – could take 30 minutes to complete. That fast processing time means you can focus more of your time and attention on recovering from your medical situation.

3. Friendly Representative

You’ve likely got plenty on your mind as you deal with your medical situation. That’s why you’ll probably appreciate the friendly representative who will guide you through the online title loan process. Their job is to help you complete the process with peace of mind, answering any of your questions or concerns. The good thing is you can either give us a call, visit our store, or chat with us online any time you have any questions – no matter what step you may be in the process!

4. Few Required Items

Another good thing about our online title loans is that there are only a few required items you must prepare to find out if you qualify for approval for an online title loan. We don’t make you bring in a long list of impossible-to-find paperwork. In fact, the required items list is so short and simple, that it's likely you already have them within arm’s reach, saving you plenty of time and effort in the process.

5. Quick Payout

One of the most critical advantages of this loan is that it has a quick payout process. Suppose everything goes well and you’re approved. In that case, you can expect the money as early as the same day or by the next bank business day at the latest. This means you can then drive off in your vehicle to make the necessary payments to cover your medical bill with little or no delay.

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What Do You Need To Get An Online Title Loan?

As we said above, one of the main advantages of getting this type of loan is that you only need to gather a few items to start. That can be pretty helpful when you’re dealing with a medical situation and have little time or energy to waste. And providing these items can help you qualify for up to $1,400 in emergency cash to cover your expensive medical bills. Here’s what you’ll need to get an online title loan:

  • Identification: You must have a valid driver’s license or another state-issued photo ID to get this type of loan. Your ID will help verify your identification and confirm the ownership of your car.
  • Car title: As the name suggests, you must also have a car title. That title must be lien-free or ‘clear’, free from any judgments or outstanding loans. Most importantly, that title must be registered in your name so you’re authorized to use it as collateral.
  • Vehicle: You must also have physical access to the vehicle attached to that title. That’s necessary so you can bring the car in for a quick inspection to assess its worth. Once that’s done, the vehicle stays with you, as only the car title acts as collateral.

Another great advantage of this type of loan is that it’s accessible to a wide range of borrowers. In fact, we work with people regardless of a bad credit score. This means you can proceed regardless of if your credit is good or bad as long as you meet the loan’s requirements. So just make sure you have these items and we will let you know if you qualify for approval quickly and easily.

Get Money To Cover Your Bills Now!

Settling your expensive medical bills fast will help you focus on more important things, like rest and recovery. You can quickly get the funds to do that through an online title loan from Cash Cow by taking the first step right now. And now that you know how it works, you can get through the process with ease. So don’t wait any longer and fill out the online form with your information so we can help you get started with the simple process.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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