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How to Get Relief From Your Financial Emergency in Less Than 30 Minutes

It is very easy to let a financial emergency put you in serious trouble. If you don’t have adequate support, the entire situation can spiral and it’ll take your savings and credit right along with it. But the positive side to all this is there is support out there – you just have to look for it. Two methods of support you have to consider are using your vehicle’s title for cash and looking into getting payday loans in Louisiana. Either of these options can get you quick relief – in as little as 30 minutes to be exact. But what are these two things? And how would you go about getting either one? And what do you do with them once you do have one? Well, the answers to all of these are simple.

What Is A Title Loan?

A title loan is a loan you receive when you put up your vehicle’s title as collateral. With this loan, you could be approved for amounts between $300 - $1,400 in cash to help you out when you need it the most. This loan is perfect for those who are dealing with bad credit and are unable to apply for traditional loans because of that. We welcome all credit – good or bad – to come in and apply. We base your loan on your collateral – your vehicle’s title, so if you have bad credit, you don’t have to worry about being turned away. And you can still keep your vehicle as you are paying back the loan.

How Do I Get An Online Car Title Loan?

Getting a title loan is completely easy and can be done in 30 minutes or less. The whole process begins when you fill out our online form. Once you submit the form, a loan representative from one of our Cash Cow locations will give you a call back. During this call, the loan rep will go over the next steps and answer any questions you may have. You will also go over the three items you have to bring in with you to complete the process.

To keep moving along the process when you arrive at our location, you have to bring in your vehicle, your vehicle’s title that is free of prior loans and in your name, and your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID. Once you arrive and sit down with us, we will go over the paperwork you have to sign, make sure you understand everything, and conduct a vehicle inspection to figure out how much you qualify for. If we are able to approve you and everything gets signed, we will give you the cash you qualify for and you can drive away.

What Is A Payday Loan?

A payday loan, unlike a title loan, does not require anything to be put up for collateral. This kind of loan is the kind of loan you would get when you are going through a situation and are in between paychecks. With this loan, you could qualify for amounts between $100 - $300 in cash to help you until you reach your next paycheck. Just like the title loans we offer, you can still apply for this loan if you have bad credit and not worry about that being the reason you are not approved. One thing to keep in mind is paying back this loan happens when your next paycheck comes in.

How Do I Get A Payday Loan?

Getting a payday loan is just as simple as our title for cash process. It also starts by filling out our online form with your information and waiting for our phone call back. Just like with title loans, a loan representative from the nearest Cash Cow location will give you a call to go over the next steps, let you know what you have to bring in with you, and answer any questions you may have at this beginning point.

Like with our auto title loans, there are necessary items you have to bring if you want to continue through the process. You will have to bring with you your government-issued photo ID, your most recent pay stub, and a blank check from a checking account that is open and in your name. So, once you arrive at our location, we will go over your application and your necessary items, answer any questions you have, and go over your paperwork that you will have to agree with and sign if you are approved. Once we see if you can be approved, we will hand you the cash you are approved for and you are able to go about your day in about 30 minutes.

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Get The Relief You Need Quickly With Title Loans And Payday Loans

So, as you can see, getting relief quickly when you really need it is possible here. Whether you are going through medical issues, sudden home repairs, auto damage, sudden unemployment, or you’ve forgotten to pay your necessary bills and need to get that taken care of before it affects your credit, using your title for cash or getting payday loans in Louisiana could be the answer.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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