save money on thanksgiving

10 Genius Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Whether you’re throwing a festive party or planning a more intimate get-together, it’s useful to know how to save money on Thanksgiving dinner, as this holiday can be expensive. And with food prices increasing this year, it’s smart to take advantage of some easy ways to save cash while still providing a memorable meal.

Here Are Some Fantastic Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving

1. Plan Ahead

The No. 1 way to save money on Thanksgiving is the easiest to implement: planning ahead. Make a list about who is coming, make a Thanksgiving budget, start writing out a grocery list, and determine if you need to buy anything extra, such as place settings or décor. When you plan ahead, you’re less likely to overspend.

2. Start Looking For Grocery Store Deals

Grocery stores want to help you save money on Thanksgiving, too — it’s one of their biggest revenue days of the year and they’re competing for your business. Look through weekly grocery ads to compare and contrast pricing for all the elements of your perfect Thanksgiving. Some grocery stores even run special promotions, such as discounted turkey if you spend a certain amount.

3. Try Making What You Normally Buy

If you’re a host, your Thanksgiving will be very busy, and it’s easy to take some shortcuts when it comes to food. However, one of the best ways to save money on Thanksgiving is to make a few of the things on your list that you’ve purchased in the past, such as pies, potato dishes, and even beverages.

4. Wait To Buy

Part of planning ahead to save money on Thanksgiving may mean targeting a specific week to start buying what you need. Grocery stores usually offer the biggest Thanksgiving-related deals a week or so before the actual holiday. Frozen turkeys, stuffing, butter, frozen vegetables — they all will typically decrease in price as the holiday approaches.

save money on thanksgiving

5. Download A Cashback App

Before you head out for grocery shopping, sign up for an app that will pay out for making your Thanksgiving purchases. Ibotta, Fetch, Rakuten and others frequently include cashback offers in the month leading up to Thanksgiving on everything from turkey to rolls and cranberry sauce.

6. Make It A Potluck

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests if they can bring certain items — or take them up on their offer to help. Even if they take care of minor things — appetizers, plates, cups — it adds up quickly when you’re trying to save money on Thanksgiving. You can even make the whole dinner a potluck.

7. Use What You Have

Chances are you have many of the ingredients for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner hanging out somewhere in your pantry. Be sure to take an inventory before you head out to the store. You may have more than you thought, especially with staples such as assorted spices, rolls, butter, and eggs.

8. Buy In Bulk

Have a membership to a warehouse store? Use it. Depending on the size of your dinner guest list, going to warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco can help you save big on not just food like vegetables but for items such as napkins or serving ware.

9. Use Free Décor

Looking for a way to make your Thanksgiving dinner even more memorable with unique décor? Start outdoors. You can easily incorporate natural elements, such as pinecones, fall leaves, and more, into your tablespace all at no cost.

10. Borrow What You Need

It’s never a bad idea to ask friends and family if you can borrow something for Thanksgiving, everything from a food thermometer and roasting pans to extra chairs, which can be pricey.

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