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Why Most Americans Are Still Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck in Louisiana

Getting ahead of your finances can be difficult, particularly if you are like most Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Many studies and surveys have come to the same conclusion, a significant number of people are struggling to save. Even around 50% of upper-middle-class earners have credit card debt and lack emergency funds. However, if you can figure out why your finances are stretching thin then you could take steps to improve your situation. Before spending your payday or title loan from title loan places near you in Louisiana, consider how you can use those funds to improve your finances. If you can begin saving for emergencies and unforeseen financial situations, then you could begin to move away from living paycheck to paycheck. Some of the most common reasons why Americans in Louisiana may be living paycheck to paycheck include:

  • Taking on unnecessary debt
  • Student loans
  • High rent or mortgage

Taking on Unnecessary Debt

A common story you often hear is about the inexperienced credit card owner falling into debt due to overusing their new card. Many young earners sometimes take on unnecessary financial strain either due to a lack of financial literacy or by projecting outcomes. There can be a dozen issues that can result in a loss of your job, cutting of hours or a loss of normal funds. If you take on long debts like loans for a new car simply because you know you can afford the loan payments, then you could be setting yourself up for a title financial situation in the future. Reducing minor monthly subscriptions and other things you can go without can also free up funds that are better off in your savings.

For example, services like Netflix are always raising prices or removing content. In the end, you may only subscribe to watch a couple of shows or movies. Maybe you are better off not subscribing every month and instead only paying when you have a list of things to watch. You are essentially wasting cash by subscribing to services you end up rarely using.

Student Loans

Student loans are typically one of the biggest and longest investments one will make next to a mortgage. Many graduates can end up with student loans in the tens of thousands. This can be a great strain on your finances post-graduation. However, some options could help reduce the financial stress from student loan debt. For example, many student loan providers will offer deferments in the case of a financial emergency. If you have recently lost your job or are unable to make payments, then there is no use and stressing out and missing payments. Explaining your situation may be enough to get a hold on your payments for some months while you improve your finances.

You can also choose to have your loan payments based on your income. That means if you do not have a job and very little income you could get approval for a very low and easier to manage monthly payment schedule. However, if you simply need aid for an emergency to cover things like student loan payments, then a payday or title loan can be beneficial.

High Rent or Mortgage

Skyrocketing rent prices and mortgage payments can be a major strain on your finances. While you can get a title loan near you to help, you do not want to take one out every time you have to pay rent. Title loans are temporary aides to improve your financial situation and not a solution. A great way is to seek out areas with lower rent. Newer built apartment complexes may offer deals and rent reduction. When it comes to mortgages, there are numerous situations in which you could benefit from refinancing your rates.

For example, changes in the market and your credit score could mean you qualify for a lower rate. Finding ways to lower financial stress can give you the relief to help begin improving your financial situation. New Orleans drivers and others throughout Louisiana can apply online today at Cash Cow to get the funds they need for financial relief.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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