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Why Should I Get A Louisiana Payday Advance?

A Louisiana payday advance is a short-term loan designed to help fund emergencies like unforeseen travel costs and home repairs. Thanks to the simple process and straightforward requirements, this loan can help when you really need quick cash but don’t have anything to put up as collateral. Here are seven reasons to get a payday advance from us at Cash Cow.

The Top 7 Reasons To Get A Louisiana Payday Advance

1. It Can Help You Pay For Home Repairs

You will never own anything as expensive as a house. It's safe to say it's your biggest investment. But unfortunately, anything and everything can go wrong with it — at any time, too! And, as we're sure you know, the cash needed to fix home-related issues can be a lot. And while some repairs can stand to wait until you have the money, there are others that are urgent and need attention now.

That's where our Louisiana payday advance comes in! You can use the money to help pay off those home repairs that can’t wait. With our loan, you can get anything between $100 - $300. While it might not pay off the entire amount, it can surely bring the overall price down to a more manageable spot for you to handle. Here are some emergency home repairs this loan can help you with:

  • Burst pipes;
  • Pest infestation;
  • Gas leaks;
  • Flood damage due to storms;
  • Blown windows from a storm;
  • Roof damage.

2. It Can Help You Pay For Unforeseen Travel Costs

Many of us live for vacations. However, the fun in the sun can be cut horrendously short if an emergency arises back home. Not only are you worried about the consequences, but you're scrabbling around to find the cash to pay for same-day flights. Well, with a payday advance in Louisiana, you can get money quickly to cover the cost of your emergency travel.


3. It Can Help Fund Urgent Veterinary Care For Your Pets

Nobody likes to see their pet hurt. After all, they're our four-legged family members! However, veterinary care (especially out-of-hours services) is notoriously expensive. So, a payday advance might be an option to ensure they're back to their usual self as quickly as can be. Some pet-related crises this loan can help with include:

  • Head trauma;
  • Broken legs;
  • Animal bites;
  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Poisoning;
  • Limb paralysis;
  • Uncontrolled bleeding.

4. You Don't Need A Great Credit Score To Gain Approval

Your credit score is the biggest obstacle between you and traditional loans. Thankfully, our payday loans remove this roadblock because you can still qualify even if you have poor credit. Plus, we don't report to credit bureaus if you are approved for this loan. Thus, whatever the outcome, your score won't suffer further damage as a result of our Louisiana payday advance.

5. You Get The Money Quickly

Another reason why you should get a Louisiana payday advance is because you can receive between $100 and $300 in a day or two. We’ve designed our process to be quick and simple. In fact, if we decide you are approved for this loan and you agree with the loan terms, you can get the money you need either on the same day or the next bank business day.

6. You Don't Need To Put Up Any Collateral

Unlike secure loans that require you to put something up as collateral, you don't need to put up collateral to secure a payday loan through Cash Cow. We only require you have your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, your most recent paystub, and a blank check from an active checking account in your name when you come to see us.

7. It Can Help Pay For Vehicle Repairs

Finally, vehicles are a nightmare when they go wrong. And we all know how important your vehicle is to get through your busy days. When you experience an emergency with your vehicle that needs attention right away, you can get a Louisiana payday advance to help you out. Your vehicle still needs to be inspected and in working order to be approved for a title loan.


How To Get A Louisiana Payday Advance From Cash Cow

As we've mentioned, acquiring a payday loan is easy — you don't even need a perfect credit score! We’ve made sure that the process goes simply and smoothly and that you find out as soon as possible if you were approved and for how much. All you have to do is head to our website and fill out the online form. From there, just follow this guide to learn the rest of the process:

  1. Once you submit the online form, it gets sent to the nearest Louisiana payday advance location. We will then give you a call to discuss the payday loan and set up a time for you to come in.
  2. Bring the required items so we can assess them and check your income information. We will then determine if you qualify for approval and for how much.
  3. If we approve you, we will walk you through the paperwork you have to finish. We will also go over the loan terms to make sure you understand and agree with them.
  4. Lastly, if you agree with the terms, you can receive your money. Based on the day and time you apply, you could receive your money on the same day or the next bank business day.

Get A Louisiana Payday Advance Today!

People get Louisiana payday loans for many reasons. Whether it's to fund vehicle repairs, medical bills, or something entirely different, they can help return your life to normal as soon as possible. So, give us a call or complete our easy online request form to start the process. One of our qualified agents will give you a call back to help you out.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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