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5 Things to Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

October 19, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

We all know Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for all we have in life, but when it comes to the specifics of what that actually is, things can get fuzzy. Especially in today’s economy, when so many of us are between jobs or working for companies we hate for a barely living wage, it can be hard to focus on the good in life.

What Are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving

If that sounds like you, then car title loans near you may be one answer to help shore up your financial situation. But another is to take a moment and really think about the things you have in your life. Here are five things that most of us share and can be happy about this Thanksgiving.


This may seem cliché, but there’s a reason it’s always brought up. If you’re lucky enough to have a supportive family, then there’s nothing more valuable in life.

A supportive family will see you through good times and bad, help you emotionally and sometimes monetarily. Even if your family is just a single parent or sibling, having that person always ready to help is invaluable.

Good Health

Next to family, your health is one of the biggest determinants of quality of life, and it’s easy to understand why: not only do illnesses and poor health have physical ramifications we feel every moment of every day.

But in the current healthcare market even simple medical procedures can drain your bank account entirely. A long-term, chronic condition can literally cost you an arm and a leg. This Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on how your good health effects all your life.

Internet Access

The internet gets a bad rap, sometimes rightfully, but it’s worth taking a step back and appreciating all the great things it lets us do every once in a while.

Not only is it an endless supplier of cat pictures and memes, but it also gives us access to a massive reservoir of knowledge that before the last thirty years no single human ever before had access to. And you know the internet gives us free two-day shipping on potatoes personally engraved with our names on them.


Let’s be real: America has one of the worst public transportation among industrialized nations. Outside of a few key cities, we’re simply not a country where much money has been invested in making sure people without cars have transportation.

If you’re lucky enough to have a car this Thanksgiving, be thankful. With it, you have the ability to go where you want when you want.

Retirement Savings

This last one isn’t something all of us have access to, but if you do have savings for retirement, you owe it to yourself to savor all the work and discipline that’s gone into growing and maintaining it. Though it’s not something that you’ll truly be able to appreciate the value of until you have to depend on it as your sole source of income, it’s still worth patting yourself on the back in the here and now!