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Need An Emergency Loan For Pet Surgery? Here’s What To Do

When your pet needs surgery, and you’re in a pinch, seeking a loan for pet surgery might be an option to consider.

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s not just walking and feeding them. Owning a pet is costly, with veterinary visits sometimes on the hefty side. Try as you might, your pet may have gotten themselves into a little trouble or developed a condition that requires medical intervention. If you find yourself in need of a loan for pet surgery, the three options below can help.

Tips On How To Get A Loan For Pet Surgery

You never know when your pet will need surgery and what the surgery will be for. Maybe they ate your sock, and it has caused a blockage requiring surgery, or maybe they need a mass removal or even a pacemaker.

Whatever the emergency surgery your pet may need, getting the funds to pay for it can be a challenge when it is an unexpected bill.

The sad truth is that many veterinary hospitals require a deposit of half the overall surgery cost, releasing your pet back into your care only when the bill is paid in full.

If your veterinarian allows you to make payments after the surgery, you are one of the lucky ones. If not, you don’t need to work yourself into a panic. There are more options available for you to get the funds needed for your pet’s surgery than you may be aware of.

1. Apply For Care Credit

You can get a loan for pet surgery by applying for a credit card and borrowing against your credit card limit. You may have already heard of CareCredit. Your doctor’s office might have a few pamphlets of it lying around in the waiting room.

CareCredit is a credit card specifically meant for use at medical facilities such as for doctor visits, hospitals, dentists, and even your local veterinarian. After all, your vet uses the same medication for your pet as your doctors use for you. If you have good credit, you can get approved for the cost of the surgery and even qualify for no interest promotions.

2. Apply For A Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan for pet surgery is another option. You can get a personal loan at many financial institutions. Your bank happens to be one of them.

It is typically ideal to use your bank as they already have a history of your spending habits and can quickly access the information needed to see how much of a loan you qualify for.

With a personal loan, you won’t need to provide information on what you plan on using the funds for. Where friends or family may not see your pet’s care as a reason to lend you the money, your personal loan provider does not require you to disclose what the funds are for. If you have good credit, you can get a personal loan with a relative amount of ease and not have to wait on a credit check that may cause your pet to have to wait longer than you are comfortable with.

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3. Apply For A Title Loan

If your credit score isn’t very good and will cause you to have to wait for approval or get denied the loan, you aren’t out of options yet. You can opt to try getting a title loan from a local car title loan provider. Most facilities that provide title loans accept all types of credit. Instead of relying on your credit score for being approved for a credit card or a personal loan, a car title uses your vehicle to determine the loan amount. The lender will require that you leave the car title with them to secure the loan.

Poor Credit And Need Funds Fast?

Cash Cow in Louisiana can help you get the loan you need for your pet’s surgery. To qualify and apply for a title loan online with Cash Cow of Louisiana all you need is:

  • To be 18 years or older and provide proof with a driver’s license or state-issued ID.
  • Provide a lien-free title to your vehicle under your name
  • Your vehicle for inspection

How Much of A Loan Does Cash Cow Offer?

A Cash Cow’s representative will inspect your vehicle to determine its value. The amount they offer you for the loan will be based on the inspection, but you can get anywhere between $300 to $1,400 to assist with your pet’s surgery cost. Once approved for a Louisiana title loan through Cash Cow, you can get the loan as soon as the same day or the next business day!

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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