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Unsecured Loans: What Are They?

If you’ve heard the term “unsecured loans” and are confused, there is no need to be. An unsecured loan just means a loan that you get without having to put up any collateral. Unlike auto title loans where you put up your vehicle’s title as collateral for that loan, an unsecured loan doesn’t require you to put up any collateral in order to qualify. Loans like signature loans or personal loans are considered unsecured loans. Online payday loans are also considered unsecured as well. Besides not needing collateral for this loan, a payday loan comes with a lot of benefits included. From our quick and convenient process to the ways a payday loan can help, there are many reasons why a payday loan can really help you out when you are in a tough spot.

Benefits Of A Payday Loan

The Process Of Getting A Payday Loan Is Easy

The process we have here to get Louisiana Payday Loans is completely simple and convenient. With other loans, you may have to sit through a lot of paperwork and not fully understand everything that is being discussed. In Cash Cow we do things differently. You can start the process right online. Just fill out our quick online form and wait for one of our loan representatives to give you a call back. Once we call you, we will let you know what you have to bring in and we’ll answer any of your questions. After, you can make your way to your closest Cash Cow location and finish everything up with a little paperwork. This is where you can really sit down with a knowledgeable online payday loan representative and get everything clarified – so be sure to ask all your questions until you fully understand.

There Are Just A Few Necessary Items To Bring In

Here at Cash Cow of Louisiana, we don’t make you bring in a ton of documents or items in order to continue through the process. Nobody wants to lug around documents that were nearly impossible to gather up. We want this to be as easy a list as possible for you to remember everything when you come see us. Instead, we require you to bring just three items that are easy to gather up and carry around with you. Those three necessary items are:

  • Your government-issued photo ID that states you are 18 or over
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • A blank check from an open checking account in your name

You Can Get Money Quickly And Easily

The biggest benefit is how quickly you can get the money you need. In fact, if everything goes to plan, you could walk out with the cash you need in 30 minutes or less. With a payday loan, you can qualify for $100 - $300 for the help you need while you are in between paychecks. Another bonus is you can get your money regardless of your credit score. Your credit score does not affect your ability to qualify for this type of loan. You just have to have the ability to repay the loan and be approved to move along the process here at Cash Cow.

You Can Deal With Unexpected Situations

The best part about payday loans is what they can do for you during unexpected situations and emergencies. We know how unexpected situations pop up all the time out of nowhere – hence the name “unexpected.” Situations like a leak in your bathroom or damage to your roof are all situations that need your immediate attention – regardless of whether you can pay for it now or not. When those times come up and you really need quick cash, a payday loan can help out. Another situation would be if you forget to pay bills and don’t want to deal with the dreaded late fees. You can use a payday loan to also help you out in those moments.

online payday loans LA

That Is Everything You Need To Know About Unsecured Loans

So, all of this proves that understanding what an unsecured loan like payday loans is really about. Getting a payday loan at Cash Cow is easy and quick for anyone needing their money fast. As long as you are approved, you can find out just how much you qualify for quickly and be on your way. With just bringing in a few items to finish the process – once you get approved, of course – you could be on your way with the money you need. After reading all of this you are still unsure about whether you’ll be approved, the only way to truly find out is to get started now. Come down to the nearest Cash Cow location and get started today.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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