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Do This Before You Apply For Car Title Loans Online

During a financial emergency, you might find that car title loans online get you short-term help for bills and major expenses. Is this claim true, and if so, what do you need to do before you come to Cash Cow for title loans online? Before you get started, you want to make sure you’re relying on a trustworthy lender. It’s also worth making sure you meet the requirements to get a loan so that you’re all set to go when you meet with an associate.

Of course, if you ever have any questions, you can freely contact us at Cash Cow either by phone or through our online chat feature to review the terms of the loan or any surrounding details that make you unsure or uncomfortable. There’s a number of important steps you should take before you come see us for car title loans online, and in this article, we’ll lay out those steps for you to follow along.

Make Sure You Understand What To Do Before You Get This Loan

Before coming to see us for car title loans online, make sure you understand how they work and what’s expected of you. First, car title loans work by using your car’s title as collateral to secure the money. We as the lender will place a lien against the car’s title, incentivizing you to pay it. As such, for anyone who has full ownership of their car and their name appears on the title, online title loans are an option.

Know What An Online Loan Means

The online portion of the loan indicates that you can complete the inquiry form online through our website. However, this does not mean you can apply online. The application is not on our website and you will need to meet with us eventually to finish the process and find out if you qualify. The good thing is we can meet you at another location if you don’t want to come to the nearest Cash Cow location.

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Discern If You Need One

Before you get a loan, it’s well worth considering whether you need one in the first place. Loans aren’t meant to be a long-term solution for financial difficulties; they are instead a short-term option to give you peace of mind during a financial emergency. If you’re able to make your budget a little tighter or avoid taking out a loan, it’s usually better to do so. With that being said, car title loans online have their place, and if you have little other recourse, then Cash Cow might be able to help you out.

Get Your Required Items Ready

Before you begin the process, it’s also important to make sure you’ve got everything you need on hand. There’s no rush to get a loan, but we here at Cash Cow can’t determine if you qualify for approval if you don’t have the required items ready for us to assess. The good thing is we don’t require you to bring in too many items for us to see. In fact, you only need the following items for us to determine if you qualify for approval:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued ID – Cash Cow will need to verify who you are via a state-issued ID. Should you not have a driver’s license, then a non-driver’s license, passport, or military/student ID should work as well.
  • Your lien-free car title – Cash Cow needs to place a lien against your car title to ensure that you’ll pay back the loan. If there’s already a lien — a legal claim of ownership — then we can’t place another lien on your title.
  • Your car for an inspection – Cash Cow needs to determine the condition of your vehicle to assess what we can lend you if you are approved for this loan. If you have a more valuable car, you stand a better chance of getting more.

How To Get Car Title Loans Online

Now that you know what you should do before you come see us, you are ready to begin the process! The good news is we made sure our process is quick and easy for you to get through. And we will make sure to give you your answer right away so you know exactly if you qualify for approval and how much we can get you. Ready to get started? Here’s our simple, stress-free process to get car title loans online with Cash Cow.

  1. Contact us by phone or use the online request form to send us your basic information. Once we receive your form, one of our helpful store representatives will give you a call from the nearest store.
  2. On the call, they’ll confirm your information and explain anything that’s unclear to you. To get a loan, you’ll need to bring the above-mentioned items to the meeting you schedule with the representative.
  3. When you arrive at the meeting location, either somewhere you choose or a Cash Cow store nearest you, an associate will go over your required items and inspect your car.
  4. If you are approved, complete the simple paperwork while we go over the loan terms. Once done, you’ll get as much as $1,400 on that same day or the next bank business day, leaving with your vehicle.

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Get Started Today On The Simple Process!

Before you begin the process to find out if you can get car title loans online, make sure you do the things we’ve talked about in this article. If you don’t, you risk not really understanding what this loan can do and how you can make the process as simple as possible. But once you do these things, just fill out the online form to get in contact with us and start the process as soon as possible!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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