Own Your Car? You Can Use It To Get Financial Relief. Here's How.

Fuel money, maintenance costs, auto insurance – owning a car sure seems to cost a lot. If your car is in regular use, you are probably spending several hundred bucks on it every month just for basic fuel and insurance costs. Now if you are already struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck, owning your own set of wheels can seem like a luxury.

But what if we were to tell you that you can use that gas guzzler to make some money. That money will not only pay for the car itself but also let you put more into your savings. Your car can actually be your ticket out of a financial crisis if used right. Today we are going to provide you an indispensable list of 10 apps and websites that you can use to get financial relief if you own a car. We’ll just be mentioning our top picks, though there are countless options out there, including title loans that will allow you to access emergency money in a pinch.

1. Uber

Of course, the number one ride-sharing app tops the list. Uber is a great app to make money by driving people to where they need to get to. Hours are flexible – you can adjust them around your regular work schedule – and Uber drivers can earn around $15 per hour on, average.

2. Lyft

Uber’s biggest competitor, Lyft works similarly to Uber and pays well too. The great thing about driving for these ridesharing apps is that you can even make a lot of money (above $800 according to Lyft) just driving on Friday nights and off days!

3. Amazon Flex

If you don’t want to drive people around, maybe you could be delivering packages for a courier service, like Amazon Flex. Again, the job is flexible, and you can work on your own schedule. Amazon Flex pays up to $25 per hour.

4. Roadie

Roadie is also a courier service, but it’s a drop-by-on-the-way kind of courier service. Whenever you’re headed out, you can check if anyone needs a delivery made to the area where you are headed and just drop it on the way. You earn money without even having to go out of your way.

5. GoShare

This is a company which provides a wide range of services. As a GoShare Helper, you can help people move, haul, and deliver stuff, making about $33 an hour.

6. Shipt

This is a grocery delivery service you can work for as a Shopper, whereby you receive a list of grocery items from a customer, go shop, and then deliver it at their doorstep. Instacart is also a similar grocery service, where you personally shop for other people’s groceries and deliver them.

7. UberEats

As it sounds, this app pays you to deliver food from local restaurants to its customers. DoorDash is also another app to check out for food delivery.

8. Wrapify

Here is a way to earn money with your car passively. You wrap your car in advertisements, just drive to places you normally would, and get paid for it! You can earn $500 a month on average.

9. Hyre Car

If you don’t drive your car much, rent it out to others on apps like Hyre Car and earn money. You are even free to choose what days and time slots you’d like to rent it.

10. Cash Cow Of Louisiana

In case of a big emergency, where you need a lot of same-day cash, getting a title cash loan is an option available to you even when you’re in a pinch. Car title loans offer cash for your car as collateral, while payday loans are smaller loans that you can secure using your most recent paystub. Both are very fast, convenient loans that offer same-day cash, have minimal requirements (a car title or a source of income), accept all kinds of credit, and have easy online applications. In the case of a title loan, you get to keep driving your car too.


 Man shaking hands for title loans


How to Acquire Online Payday and Title Loans Near Me

The process of acquiring these loans is simple, thanks to our streamlined and easy to navigate the application process that starts by you filling out an online form found on the Cash Cow homepage. Once you submit your form, you’ll receive a call from a representative who will schedule a meeting. During the meeting, you’ll be asked to supply a few pieces of information, which includes:

  • For Payday Loans: Your driver’s license, your most recent paystub, and a blank check to your bank account.
  • For Title Loans: Your driver’s license, the title to your vehicle, your car for inspection, and a blank check to your bank account.

It’s that simple and, once you’re approved for either loan type, you’ll receive the money deposited into your bank account for you to use as you see fit, for whatever emergency or struggle you’re facing. Emergencies happen to everyone and, while you’re waiting for the first paycheck to hit your account from your side job, fast payday loans and title loans are here for you.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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