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Think You Know How Car Title Loans In Baton Rouge Work? Here Are 5 Surprising Facts

You know that you can get title loans in Baton Rouge from Cash Cow quickly and easily, but are you sure you know how they truly work? There are several surprising facts you might not know about car title loans. It is important you know as many facts as possible, as these facts can help you decide if this is the right loan for you. Keep reading to discover about five surprising facts about car title loans from us at Cash Cow.

5 Surprising Facts About Car Title Loans In Baton Rouge

There’s a lot of information out there about title loans in Baton Rouge, yet there are many things that many people don’t understand about them when they come from Cash Cow specifically. For starters, the in-person process can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. Besides that, you could qualify to get $1,400, potentially receiving the money on the same day if you are approved.

On top of that, you can qualify for title loans whether you have good or bad credit. We aren’t basing your chances solely on your credit, so you don’t have to let that hold you back. And you also get to keep your car even while you repay the title loan! We are only using your vehicle’s lien-free title as collateral, not the car itself. Keep reading to learn more information on these five facts.

1. The Meeting Can Take As Little As 30 Minutes

The first thing that many people don’t know about title loans in Baton Rouge is how quickly the whole process can really be. Believe it or not, it’s possible to complete your application in as little as a half hour! Of course, it helps to ensure that you have all the required items prepared beforehand to avoid any unnecessary delays. Once you have these three things ready, you’re good to go!. To apply for a title loan in Baton Rouge you’ll need:

  • Your state-issued photo ID or your driver’s license.
  • Your car title that’s registered in your name and free of any liens.
  • The vehicle itself, ready for a physical inspection.

2. You Can Borrow Up To $1,400

A title loan can be a way for you to borrow anywhere from $300 to $1,400 quickly. Naturally, the precise amount will depend largely on your car and how much it's worth. A loan representative will determine that amount based on how much your car is worth according to a nationally recognized pricing guide. Besides that, the car’s condition will also factor into its value and, by extension, the amount you can borrow.

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3. Same-Day Payouts Are Possible

One thing that makes title loans in Baton Rouge an option for many people is the quick payout if the application is approved. Suppose your loan application is approved. In that case, you could be paid on the same or the next bank business day. When you’re faced with emergencies, you have no time to waste. That’s why a title loan and its quick payouts can be lifesavers when you’re in a tight spot! With such quick payouts, you’ll find title loans to be a helpful option in financial emergencies like:

  • Paying rent to avoid eviction.
  • Paying urgent utility bills to keep the lights on.
  • Funding urgent repairs for a car or house.
  • Urgent travel to be with family during emergencies.
  • And much more!

4. Qualify With Good Or Bad Credit

Some people may shy away from applying for a title loan – or any loan, for that matter – because they wrongfully assume that their bad credit will disqualify them automatically. That’s not true at all with us! Whether your credit is good or bad, you can still submit an application for a car title loan at Cash Cow. You’ll still go through the same process to determine how much of a title loan you might be able to get depending on how much your car's worth and its condition – not just your credit.

5. You Can Keep Your Car

The last thing you need to know about title loans in Baton Rouge is that you can keep your car even if your application is approved with us! In other words, you can still drive your car around for your daily commute or go wherever you need to be while still repaying the loan on time. So, our borrowers don’t have to worry about any disruptions to their daily routines when applying for one of these loans as long as they stick to the repayment terms.

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How Do I Get Started With A Car Title Loan?

Now that you know the most important and surprising facts about car title loans, it’s time to learn how title loans work so you can get through the process. Get started by contacting your nearest Cash Cow location to begin. If you’re not sure of where to go, you can also fill out the simple online request form on our website. Doing so will send your contact information to the closest location to you. Then a loan representative will call you to help you with the rest of the steps!

Learn About Car Title Loans In Baton Rouge

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits and surprising facts that come with Baton Rouge title loans. Knowing these things can help you really decide if this is the kind of loan that can help you get through your emergency expenses as quickly as you need. If you decide to get this title loan based on these facts, get in touch with Cash Cow now or fill out our online form on our website to start the quick application process and get the help you need fast!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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