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Louisiana Title Loan Showdown: Which Option Reigns Supreme?

Are you looking at Cash Cow Louisiana and wondering whether we can help you get a title loan? Title loans are an effective way to get access to cash quickly, and if you’ve got a vehicle available with its title in your name, you could get up to $1,400 with us. We help customers across the state get loans on their vehicles, and you have a couple of different options open to you when it comes to starting the process! You can either come into one of our store locations or ask us to come out and meet you!

Now, just like with anything, both of these options have pros and cons, and it is important for you to know these pros and cons. We’ve put together some helpful information about getting a loan in-store versus meeting up with our loan representatives somewhere else, so you can decide what would suit you best. So if you are in need of a title loan and are wanting to start the process, keep reading to learn about the options we give you.

What Are The Best Options To Get Title Loans?

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Coming Into The Store

The first option for taking out a title loan is to bring your vehicle and other items into one of our store locations in Louisiana to have your vehicle inspection. The good thing is we have various locations in the state of Louisiana to make it as easy as possible for clients to choose this option if they want to. All you really have to do is check out our full list under the “locations” tab on our website to find your closest store. We even service locations such as Alexandria, Spring Ridge, and Vidalia in Louisiana.

Coming into the store has some advantages. For starters, it can be more private than having one of our loan representatives come to your home or another location near to you. You aren’t likely to be spotted by people you know, which allows you to retain some privacy about your personal finances. It’s also a quiet, confidential environment. Some people prefer to handle sensitive documents in this sort of space, which is why we provide so many locations.

Choosing Your Own Location

If you don’t have a local store or you don’t want to come in, you can also pick a meeting location of your choice. That can be your home, a local park, a coffee shop, or anywhere that suits your needs. We’ll gladly meet you there! This online title loan has the obvious advantage of being more convenient, since you don’t even have to leave your home if you would rather not do so. You can also rest assured that your information will still be handled with care and treated as sensitive.

Our agents are professional and will be just as equipped to help you as efficiently as they already can do in-store. They will have access to the paperwork you need regardless of not being in the store, and the title loan process will not be made slower by being at a different location. Many people prefer this option because it adds convenience, without any major drawbacks! However, you have to make sure to remember your required items even if you aren’t in the store.

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What Do You Need To Bring?

As we said above, regardless of which of these options you choose, you will need to bring the correct documentation to your meeting. Our helpful loan representative will walk you through this when you speak to them over the phone, but in general, you’re going to need your driver’s license or a state-issued photo ID to prove your identity and age. You will also need to prove your ownership of the car, so make sure you have the lien-free title.

This title must be in your name, too, so get it updated at the DMV before your meeting if necessary. And if there are any outstanding liens or judgments on your title, you must remove those before you can use the title as collateral for a title loan. Finally, you must make sure you’ve got the vehicle that matches the title you are using as collateral. Bring this to the meeting, or we won’t be able to proceed, regardless of which loan option you’ve chosen!

Can You Skip The Vehicle Inspection Completely?

When it comes to the vehicle we need for the meeting, our loan representatives must inspect your vehicle before you can proceed to find out if you can get a title loan. We need to look at the condition of the vehicle before we can assess how much you are able to borrow for your loan. Things like the mileage, any dents or damage, etc., can make a difference to your loan amount, so there’s no option to skip the vehicle inspection.

Whether our loan representative comes to you or you come into one of our stores, we have to inspect the vehicle if you want to proceed. Fortunately, the process is quick and easy, and only takes a few minutes in most cases. You’ll be on your way before you know it! And if we look at all of your items and determine if you qualify for approval, you will be able to drive away with your vehicle and use it just like you have been. We are just using your vehicle’s title as collateral – not the vehicle itself.

Get A Title Loan Today!

If you’re wondering whether we here at Cash Cow can help you get a title loan on your car, there’s a good chance that we can. The best way to find out is by filling in the form on our website or giving us a call at one of our locations. We will then be able to answer any questions you have about your title loan options. The whole thing can be completed in less than a day if you have the paperwork already available. That makes this a great way to get cash quickly.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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