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What Are The Requirements For Car Title Loans Online?

Getting car title loans online is simple when you work with us at Cash Cow. Still, you can keep your title loan process moving smoothly by understanding its requirements and preparing for them before you come see us. You’ll need a lien-free car title in your name, your driver’s license or a valid state-issued photo ID, and access to the vehicle to apply for an online title loan.

Once you have those items prepared, you can get started with our title loan process immediately by completing a simple online form found right on our website with your contact details and information about the car you are using. Keep reading through this quick guide to understand more about all the requirements to get yourself a car title loan online with us today!

What Do You Need To Get A Car Title Loan Online?

As you can see from the beginning of this guide, getting car title loans online through us at Cash Cow requires very little from you, as the process only has three requirements for you to bring with you to the meeting. With so few requirements, you won’t have to wait too long to get the title loans online process started. Again, here’s more information on what you’ll need to provide to apply for a loan:

  1. Lien-free car title: As the loan name suggests, you must have a car title to use as collateral to secure the money. Your car title must be lien-free and belong to you outright.
  2. Identification: Aside from the car title, you’ll also need to provide valid identification to prove your age. Your driver’s license or a state-issued photo ID will do for this requirement.
  3. The vehicle: Lastly, you must also have the vehicle connected to the title you’re using. That’s because a representative must inspect the car to determine how much we can lend you.

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Does The Car Title Have To Be Registered In My Name?

When you apply for car title loans online at Cash Cow, keep in mind that the title you use as collateral must be registered in your name. As mentioned before, the vehicle must 100% belong to you and no one else. This means if the car title is in someone else’s name, you must stop at the DMV first to have it transferred to your name. Once that’s done, you can use the car title to apply for the loan.

Do I Have To Bring My Car For An Inspection?

You also must bring your car in for an inspection even though you are only using the title to secure the loan. That’s because a representative will determine if you qualify for the loan and how much you can borrow based on the value of that vehicle. We determine your car’s value based on a few factors, like the vehicle’s condition and resale value. You could get anywhere from $300 to $1,400 through a car title loan.

What Is A Lien-Free Car Title?

Another thing you must remember about car title loans online is that the title you use must be lien-free. In simple terms, you must fully own the car without any outstanding loans or judgments against the title. If that’s the case, you can use the car title as collateral without issues. If that isn’t the case, you will have to get the lien removed before you can come see us.

Do You Get To Keep Your Car With An Online Title Loan?

When it comes to getting car title loans online with Cash Cow, you get to keep your car while you repay the loan! Remember, it’s the car title that’s being used as collateral to secure the loan. This means that we will place a lien on your title and hold onto it until you repay us fully. This also means that you’ll get your money and get to drive away in the same car.

How Do You Apply For An Online Car Title Loan?

Once you have all the required items prepared, the only thing left to do is get started on our simple and quick process. To prove how quick and easy our process is to get car title loans online with Cash Cow, you’ll have a loan representative supporting you at every step of the way, whether that’s on the phone or in person. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the process will look like once you start:

  1. Fill out the simple online request form with the required details. Those details include your name, contact information, and details about your car, like its make, model, and year.
  2. Shortly after you submit the form, you’ll receive a phone call from a loan representative. They’ll verify your information and set up a vehicle inspection meeting either at the nearest store location or at another location of your choosing.
  3. Then, you’ll meet with the loan representative with your required items. There, they’ll verify your documents and inspect your car. This part of the process can be as quick as 30 minutes.
  4. Once they are through with the inspection, they will determine if you qualify for approval. In the case that you do qualify, you’ll finish some simple paperwork and receive your money on the same day or by the next bank business day.

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Ready To Begin The Process? Get Started Now!

At this point, you know everything that’s required for car title loans online through us at Cash Cow so you can get your loan today. As you can see, we’ve made the requirements simple for you to because we want to make sure you can bring in everything you need. So if you need quick cash, all you have to do is begin the process and we will let you know if you qualify! You can get started now with Cash Cow by filling out the simple online form on our website!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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