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How To Spread Christmas Cheer All Year

What makes the holidays special? It’s not the sales or the decorations, but the time you spend with loved ones and the “Christmas spirit” of giving, sharing, and being grateful for what you have.

So, why stop when the holidays are over? Here’s how to enjoy Christmas cheer throughout the year.

How To Enjoy The Christmas Spirit All Year

Schedule Regular Quality Time

You don’t need special occasions to have special quality time with your family. Make time for simple rituals like having dinner together (with no mobile phones at the table!) or weekend picnics at the park. Schedule Zoom calls with relatives across the world.

Prioritize these moments just like you would any meeting or work deadline. After all, these are the people who really matter!

Share What You Can (And It Doesn’t Have To Be Money) 

During the holidays, many people volunteer and go out of their way to help others. However, you can spread the message of Christmas cheer every day, in many ways.

You can share your time, like spending a few minutes each day chatting with a lonely elderly neighbor. You can share your talents and experiences, like mentoring a co-worker or participating in online forums.

Spread Positivity

Don’t spread Christmas cheer in December, then turn into the Grinch the rest of the year. Resolve to be more optimistic and positive, in both personal interactions and on social media. There are already a lot of problems in the world—don’t add to them.

Take Time To Cook Yummy Food

You don’t have to prepare a holiday feast each and every time you cook. However, with a little time and effort, you can make a delicious and affordable home-cooked meal every day. It’s cheaper and healthier than takeout and will have that “homecooked” flavor that makes holiday meals so special.

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Make Your Home Cozy

Though you’ve put away your holiday décor, your home can still be a happy place that everyone loves hanging out in.

All you have to do is keep it clean and uncluttered, and create cozy spots. Instead of a Christmas tree, fill an area with plants and fresh flowers. Add candles or maximize natural light.  And who says you can only use Christmas lights during Christmas? Leave them up on walls and entryways for a soft, enchanting glow.

Write Thank You Notes

Holiday cards always spread Christmas cheer—so keep the tradition going even when there’s no special occasion. Everyone appreciates a thank you note, a cheerful card, or a quick message of, “I’m thinking about you!”

Play Happy Songs

While you won’t be singing Yuletide carols for another year, there are thousands of other happy songs that can keep up your spirits and even have you humming along. Songs are powerful ways of triggering emotions and changing moods, so have a “Happy Playlist” that you can play whenever you feel down.

Give Surprise Gifts

The gifts you don’t expect often make a bigger impression. And you don’t have to spend a lot, either: home-baked cookies, a second-hand book that reminded you of them, and some fresh fruits when you hear they’re down with a cold.

You can also give non-monetary gifts, like telling a tired mom that you can babysit so she can have an afternoon to herself.

Make Time For Prayer And Reflection

For some people, the holiday is a spiritual or religious celebration and a chance to reconnect to their faith. But when you think about it, you can do this every day, and not just during specific holidays.

Daily spiritual renewal doesn’t just give you a boost of Christmas cheer; it keeps your faith and hope strong, even when times are tough. Allot time every day for quiet prayer and/or reflection, especially when you’re busy and tired. That’s when you need inner joy the most!

Enjoy The Little Things

Christmas makes all of us feel like little kids again. We become excited when we see snow, sing silly songs, and look forward to simple traditions like opening presents. The “child-like wonder” is actually a big part of the Christmas cheer—not the specific activities, but it brings anticipation and delight in the simple things.

Cultivate that wonder throughout the year. Savor the simple pleasures, like having your favorite cake or taking a walk on a day with particularly good weather. Allow yourself to do something silly and fun, even if it’s just watching a cheesy Hallmark movie.

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Don’t Let Financial Problems Get You Down

When you maintain that Christmas cheer, you create a joyful perspective that helps you overcome challenges with a smile. You stay positive and hopeful because you know that everything will get better. Even when you have a temporary financial problem, you focus on finding solutions instead of letting worry keep you up at night.

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