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The 5 Easy Steps to Get Car Title Loans in Louisiana

There’s no way to sugarcoat it – life has been anything but easy in the recent year, and it doesn’t seem to be getting easier anytime soon, so don’t miss out on the chance to get car title loans to ease the struggle.

If you were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic like most Americans were – you’ve likely had to learn a thing or two about handling emergencies. Most Americans already lived paycheck to paycheck before the pandemic even hit, and their numbers have only increased during last year – a lot of us who had some money saved had to burn through it because the paycheck took a hit (or worse), there were unexpected health costs (including mental health), or because there was just no more extra money to save with economy declining.

In other words, if most Americans were to be hit by an emergency these days, they’d have to scramble to get the cash together, because covering it either from their monthly budget or savings would be virtually impossible.

Acquire Car Title Loans At Cash Cow In Louisiana: 5 Easy Steps!

1. Get the Documentation in Order

All you need to apply for car title loans are:

  • Your government-issued photo ID – to prove you’re over 18 years old;
  • Your car – the store representative will need to perform a quick assessment to determine how much cash you qualify for;
  • Your lien-free car title in your name – the lender will be getting it in exchange for the money.

2. Connect with the Nearest Location of Cash Cow 

Starting the application process for car title loans is pretty easy. You can easily do it from the comfort of your couch by going to the website and filling out the online form.

After that, you have to wait for the store representative from your chosen location to contact you and set up the meeting.

They will also provide basic information about the loan process when contacting you, so be sure to ask any questions you might have during the phone call!

3. Be On Time – and Fully Equipped – For the Meeting

The representative will set up a meeting with you at a convenient time.

Be sure to have all required items – the car, the car title, the ID – so that they can perform the assessment with no interruptions and decide if you qualify for the title loan.

4. Complete the Paperwork

After the representative is done with their assessment and determines how much cash you qualify for, they will have you complete simple paperwork. It will only take a few minutes.

5. Get Approved and Get the Cash

The final step of the car title loan application process is the easiest and most pleasant of them all – just get the cash you qualified for.

This year taught us that the hardest things in life can be thrown at us, so to ease the stress, easily applying for car title loans online at Cash Cow is just what some of us need. Just follow these steps, and you will have the cash before you know it.

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FAQs: Applying For A Car Title Loan At Cash Cow In Louisiana

When Should I Apply For Car Title Loans?

The biggest trouble with most financial emergencies is that you can’t postpone dealing with them. Or rather you can – but you must be ready to pay more down the line. This is because leaving them unattended exacerbates them even if you try your best not to make it worse.

Think about a car making weird noises, a sewage system having trouble passing waste, or having a toothache. When you only notice these problems, it’s possible that they only need routine maintenance work. But if you postpone dealing with them, you will likely have to pay more to fix them – a weird noise might turn into a full-scale car breakdown, the sewage system might get clogged in a way that leaves you unable to use your bathroom, and a toothache might require an emergency interference in the middle of the night.

To avoid a situation getting out of control, handling it immediately is the best way. Even if you need to turn to other avenues – like car title loans – to get the cash to handle them.

What Makes Car Title Loans A Solution for Me?

Car title loans are possibly the easiest auto title loans to apply for – you only need a couple of documents (and your car, obviously). As long as you’re over 18, are a car owner, and can prove you have some sort of income to pay it off down the line – you’re a viable candidate for car title loans.

To put things into further perspective – when applying for a loan at a more traditional financial institution, you have to send in countless documents, wait for a while (sometimes up to two weeks) to get information about your loan situation, and there’s a rather high chance you get rejected if the bank doesn’t like either your credit history or your income source.

But when applying for car title loans, you don’t need to worry about your credit history at all – Cash Cow doesn’t pay any attention to them, so you can easily get approved even if your credit score is bad, or outright non-existent.

How Fast Do I Get The Cash?

Another characteristic that makes car title loans an optimal choice for those who are pressed for cash is the timeline – you will apply, get approved, and get the cash all in the same day. In fact, the entire approval process takes on average less than an hour – sometimes, even as little as 30 minutes.

Get a Car Title Loan Today

When you are in a tight financial pinch, a car title loan can help you through. Know that you know everything about applying for a title loan, you can start the process now by filling out the form on our home page or calling us today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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