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What Is The Process For Getting An Auto Cash Title Loan?

Wondering how to get an auto cash title loan in Louisiana? Different lenders in Louisiana may have different procedures for obtaining one. The list of required items may be slightly different as well. But in this article, we will walk you through Cash Cow’s process of getting a car title loan, step-by-step.

First of All, What Is an Auto Cash Title Loan?

An auto title loan is a short-term financial aid that allows you to use your car's lien-free title to borrow a lump sum of cash ($300 to $1,400 in our case). We welcome all types of credit and have a very few requirements, making it an option for those with poor financial histories and low income.

There aren't legal restrictions on the use of title loans. However, we recommend using them strictly for emergencies, such as:

The Process for Obtaining an Auto Cash Title Loan

Now, let's get to the crux of the matter — the process for getting auto cash title loans! It's super simple when you know how. The steps below take you through the entire loan acquisition procedure at Cash Cow:

  1. Contact your closest Cash Cow location directly by phone or use our quick and easy online request form. Your information will go immediately to your nearest Cash Cow location.
  2. If you choose the online inquiry form route, you'll receive a phone call from your closest Cash Cow storefront within a short period of time. So, make sure to keep the phone close to you and be ready to answer when it rings.
  3. During the phone call, one of our knowledgeable loan experts will tell you about the rest of the process to ensure you're comfortable. They will also answer any questions you have about the process or the auto cash title loan itself.
  4. After the phone conversation, drive to your local Cash Cow title loan store or arrange to meet at the location of your choice with the following items:
    • Your driver's license or a different form of state-issued photo identification
    • Your lien-free vehicle title
    • Your vehicle for inspection
  5. One of our friendly loan representatives will rapidly inspect your vehicle and evaluate your documents when you arrive. While this is happening, we will explain the process again, and you'll have a second opportunity to ask any questions.
  6. Once your loan amount has been decided based on the value of your vehicle, you will complete the rest of the simple paperwork with the help of our loan associate.
  7. Once all the arrangements have been made, you will get your money either the same or next business day and leave the store in your own vehicle.

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The Top Benefits of Cash Cow’s Auto Cash Title Loans

Now that you know the process for acquiring a title loan, take a look at the reasons why choosing Cash Cow in Louisiana might be beneficial to you.

Fast Processing for Near Instant Cash

If you have ever tried to get a loan from a bank, you'll know how long it normally takes. Often, you'll be waiting for weeks upon weeks until you actually hear back from them. Title loans change the game. Instead of the month-long wait time, you might get the money you need in as little as half an hour. Perfect for emergencies that don't wait around.

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We Don't Report Title Loans to the Credit Bureaus

The majority of standard loans are reported straight to the credit agencies. If you're late repaying or something goes amiss during your repayment period, your credit score could be adversely affected, hindering your chances of acquiring financial aid in the future.

We don't report our title loans to credit agencies. While this does mean that it won't help improve your credit score, no effect is better than a negative one.

We Welcome All Credit Scores and Financial Backgrounds

Banks and a handful of credit unions often penalize people with average or low credit scores. Sadly, you're very unlikely to qualify for traditional financial aid with a poor financial history.

One of the best parts about receiving an auto cash title loan is that you will be welcome no matter your score. Yes, even if you don't have one yet. So, don't be afraid to apply if you're worried about an unattractive credit score. Our friendly loan representatives will be happy to help.

You Can Keep Your Car

It's a common misconception that you automatically hand your vehicle over to the lender when you receive an auto cash title loan. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

When you take out a title loan with us at Cash Cow in Louisiana, you can continue using your vehicle however you please. We simply place a lien on your car title. We don't request to keep your car while you're repaying the loan.

Get Your Auto Cash Title Loan Today!

You know the process, so nothing is standing in the way of getting the auto cash title loan you need to fund your emergency today. To get started, all you need is to fill out a short request form for title loans in Louisiana on our website. Submit your inquiry now and get your cash in no time!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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