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4 Tips to Celebrate Halloween on Budget in Style

September 10, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Everyone loves a fun Halloween party, but nothing screams scary like the cost of throwing one. If it’s your turn to host the ghoulish get-together this year, don’t panic! Here are 4 ways you could celebrate Halloween at your place without sending your budget six feet under.

How to Save on Halloween This Year

Go DIY With Your Decorations

If you’re trying to turn your party’s atmosphere back-from-the-dead, you don’t have to go too far to crank up the frights! Thanks to sites like Pinterest and YouTube, you could create as much party flare as you want without cutting into your budget. Just a few clicks and you’ve got some really creative and fun ideas like these:

  • Connect a few bobby pins onto a 3/8-inch metal washer (spray paint them white). Then, wrap and thread some twine around the pins to make creepy spider web coasters.
  • It’s not scary without teeth. Spot some red dye over white napkins, wrap the bloody napkins around some silverware and secure with a set of plastic vampire teeth.
  • Light up the night with some glowing ghost faces! Simply draw a spooky face on the front of an empty (and clean) milk jug, fill it with white Christmas lights and voila!
  • Break out your Christmas wreaths and swap out the jingle bells for spiders and other creepy crawlers!

Stick With One Theme

Halloween is associated with a lot of things; skeletons, ghosts, goblins, zombies, witches, jack-o'-lanterns, spiders, and the list goes on. To make things simple and affordable, pick just one theme and run with it. Trying to incorporate a little bit of everything into your party is a slippery slope that could easily tip over your party budget.

Send Invites Through Social Media

Who sends invitations in the mail these days? Handwritten invites are a nice gesture and all, but it’s too much for too little. Here’s a breakdown on why it’s better to go digital with your invites instead of sending them through the mail:

- You have to pay for the invitation cards and the postage.
- You don’t know if the person ever received your invite.
- Handwriting every card is too much work.
- Mail takes longer to send.
- Facebook invites are free to create.
- You can easily invite more people.
- You don’t have to call people for their address.
- There’s room to include more details about your party.
- Invites send instantly.

Minimize the Damage

Sometimes, it’s the damaging aftermath that a party leaves behind that ends up costing the most money. One look at a post-party house and you would’ve thought the apocalypse had started! Let’s face it, you don’t have room in your budget to replace the living room TV.

So, to minimize any potential damage, consider moving any expensive pieces in your home into a closed off room. This would include any pricey paintings, lamps, electronics and even some furniture. It’s a little bit of work now, but it’s totally worth it!

Avoid the Overspending Scares This Halloween

If you’ve been scrambling the web searching for “payday loans near me” due to some unforeseen misfortune, you’re not alone. All of us have had the occasional financial fright.

That’s why we encourage you to use these ideas along with other helpful tools that can help you through those unexpected financial rough patches. Create an affordable Halloween party that fits within your budget that you and all your friends can enjoy.

Happy Halloween!