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Spring Break on a Skimpy Budget

March 8, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

After all those long, cold months of dark days, chilly nights and toughing it out with all the sniffles and coughs that come with the season, winter is finally behind us and spring has us thinking about sunny days and warmer weather.

Keep Your Spring Break on a Budget

Spring is the perfect time of year to take a much-needed break from our day-to-day routines and leave the stress and expenses from the holidays in the past. Unfortunately, the typical Spring Break can be super pricey if you don’t plan ahead. If you don’t plan to get a cash advance to cover the expense of your excursion, here are a few tips for doing Spring Break on a skimpy budget:

Raise the Money

Raising money for a spring getaway can be a bit tricky, especially when you’re a college student. A popular way to help minimize the cost of Spring Break is to have a large group of friends to pool your resources with.

If expenses are split between everyone in your party, it suddenly becomes a lot more affordable to do a wide variety of things. But if you don’t have a large group to share costs with, you could always try to raise the money by throwing a fundraiser like a bake sale, keg party or selling dinner plates to your fellow hungry undergrads.

Finding a Place to Go

If you’re trying to save money, it’s best to avoid expensive airfares. Traveling to Mexico or the Bahamas would be nice, but if you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of a plane ticket, it’s best to stick to a more local destination.

If you happen to live by the water, then you’re already halfway home. Areas near the coast are ideal for Spring Break, and even if the weather isn’t ideal, the off-season rates on rentals and hotel rooms equate to big savings. Besides, it’s not the destination that matters – it’s the people you share the experience with that will make your Spring Break great.


Finding lodging is one of the easier aspects of planning your Spring Break. These days, you can simply go online and search for the cheapest lodging options in the area you plan on visiting.

In a matter of seconds, you’ve got a bunch of options to choose from like hostels, hotels, B&Bs; you name it. Keep individual costs down by getting one room for you and your friends. Someone may have to sleep on the floor, but it beats sleeping in the car.


The best way to handle food is to prepare and freeze meals ahead of time and do a little grocery shopping once you reach your destination. You could also opt to keep it simple and simply stick to sandwiches. Of course, you can go out to a restaurant for a nice meal a few times, but don’t go overboard with your spending. Even though you’re on vacation, you’re still trying to save money.

So there you have it, a short, simple and effective guide to an affordable Spring Break getaway. Go ahead and try to come up with some of your own ways to save money while still making the most of your well-deserved vacation.

How Will You Keep Your Spring Break on a Budget?

Planning your trip should be a breeze once you have an idea of where you’d like to go and how to handle food and lodging. But if you still don’t quite have enough to go all out for Spring Break, you could always do something fun at home.

Again, if you live by the water, you’re already where you want to be. If not, try to find other fun outdoor activities you could enjoy. The idea here is to make the most of the beautiful weather while putting everything else on pause for a few days. It’s a refreshing reset we all need and deserve at least once a year.